The World of CSS and Digital Design Aesthetics Begins…

30 Jan

Today marks the second week of my Clio Wired class at George Mason. Last week we started off with’s tutorials on CSS while this week we are focusing on the aesthetic principles of design within the digital sector. This week we focus on the”How/Why of Design” with some helpful digital literature supplemented by White Space is Not Your Enemy by Kim Golombinksy and Rebecca Hagen.

I don’t consider “White Space” to be my enemy– from drawing on the wall to dabbling in Photoshop, I enjoy the prospect of using this class to improve upon my design skills; however, a “clean” space might be my enemy. It was good to have a renewed perspective on how design affects function and viewer perspective and I hope to implement some of these useful principles into my design and structure of my projects. I’m hoping to use this class to learn more about Photoshop’s abilities as well.

With regards to CSS and implementing these layouts into Dreamweaver– from an art history background I felt a tad nervous, not dissimilar to how Amber describes her apprehension towards using digital media. However, my excitement over the ability to use these resources in the future, coupled by the tutorials made for beginners put me at ease. Learning how to use Dreamweaver will definitely be a wonderful asset in my future art history endeavors. Reading Stephanie’s post about how to create a website that presented her thoughts on Late Roman/Early Christian funerary art shows how useful this class will be in taking part in the exciting growth of a global digital art history forum.

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