Fonts, Fonts…and well, more Fonts.

13 Feb

This week’s reading + tutorials provided the substance for “Typography Part II”.

The tutorials on (Webfonts First Look by James Williamson) started off as a nice review of CSS rules for fonts, with some new ones I didn’t know about : font-variant, text-transform, and letter-spacing. I confess that I was a little confused by the fact that there is a font-variant and a text-transform. Why couldn’t font-variant, aka the ability to use “small-caps” be a property covered under text-transform?

After hearing about the importance of creating font-stacks, I was introduced to the @font-face rules for CSS. Stunning CSS3  by Zoe Mickley Gillenwater was a nice textual support here for the section about how to implement @font-face into your CSS.  I also skimmed over the section on blockquotes to find out exactly what they were. Since they are a required part of the assignment due next week, I’ll be revisiting these pages later.

After utilizing the readings/tutorials, I will probably use @font-face in the “type assignment” or try to host my own font through font squirrel’s kit generator. The problem with using my own: too many choices.

I’ve tooled through,, and even, but I’m a tad bit overwhelmed by all the choices which I mentioned in a comment on Celeste’s blog.  Choosing a personal font? Perhaps it’s not for the indecisive.

Speaking of overwhelmed… it’s clear that learning the material effectively may require that your brain adapt itself to several different processes, referred to in an insightful post in Sheri’s blog.  This may include a pinch of caffeine, conditioned eyes, and approximately 4 open windows on your computer at the same time. And, sometimes more than a pinch of caffeine.

One Response to “Fonts, Fonts…and well, more Fonts.”

  1. Amber Oudsema February 13, 2012 at 5:47 pm #

    I agree completely with your post this week! I also enjoyed the tutorials this week while finding myself a bit overwhelmed. It is hard to pick a font and go with it! I am also finding that it is the best feeling in the world when you try something they show you and it works! Conversely, it is soul crushing when you just can’t get it. Dr. Petrik was right to emphasize the power of our classmates to provide assistance as it has already helped me tremendously!

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