What would Schiller do?

23 Apr

ImageThis week we have been working on our final sites for our portfolio. I chose to create a site to introduce the topic, BioArt, since it is a subject that has not been widely discussed in either Art History or Aesthetics. I was introduced to it while studying a course on Art, Design, Science, and Ethics at Leiden Universiteit and when I came home and started enthusiastically talking about, the question came at me: okay, so what is BioArt? The site is designed to introduce the subject, current artists/designers, and discuss why its problematic for the art historian and the philosophical aesthetician– it also includes some writings by my friend and contemporary, Neva Lukic.

What would/can the art historian say about something like bulletproof skin? What would neo-Schiller out there say?What would Schiller do? He’d want to discuss it and then maybe write another manifesto. Discussion is key when the variables for this experiemental movement include both the humanities and the sciences. Discussion is the most important part of the aesthetic generated by works of bioart.

My question for this week is— if I want to create a discussion forum on my website for discussion threads on the topics discussed on the website, what is the easiest (a relative term) way to do it?

Schiller can’t help me with jquery. [Apparently my computer can’t either since it’s crashed x20 since I put jquery code in]. Can you?

I thought of uploading a wordpress site that is specifically used as a discussion forum for my final website but I’m not sure that’s what I’m going for. I even thought of just designing a simple ‘guestbook’ that could be used…but i’m a little overwhelmed by the suggestions on the web. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated!

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