{drum roll}—–> the final product.

6 May

This is the last post for our final projects- the final product is up and running. I edited the site based on the feedback from last class:

-I decreased the overall line length, changed the font (to match the exhibitions page), and increased the font size for easier reading

-I decreased the word space between my blockquotes

-For my pull quotes I increased the line length and the letter spacing to make it easier to read; this may not be so apparent on the index page since I tried to keep the design on that page tighter

-For all the pullquotes, save the index one, I decreased the length of the border

-I added a picture of one of the figures from Hieronymus Bosch’s Saint Anthony Triptych to Ethical Aesthetics to break up the amount of white space and text in attempt to not lose the reader

-I changed the font color of the links on the exhibition page to a darker green

-I changed some of the spacing between H2 and the content

 I’m hoping these changes have made some improvement. Amber’s website has also made some nice improvements which I commented about on her blog. Cheers everyone to the end of the semester!


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