Addendum—> Dork shorts.

26 Mar


I commented on this week’s readings on last week’s blog post. Since I won’t be in class this week, I’m posting two helpful tips on photoshop since Dr. Petrik asked us to look for widgets and tips on top of our regular reading/responses.

The first tip is how to color by creating action buttons—I thought this would be pretty cool for coloring a photo that didn’t have a large amount of detail; but perhaps it might be more work than it tries to save? I’ll let you decide.

This second tip (which I found right below the one above) is if you like to create your own graphics in illustrator and grabble over the fact that transferring your vector image to photoshop leaves you in the “@&#$%^!” domain. I experienced this while trying to edit the graphic in the heading of my portfolio website, which I had created in illustrator.

Overall, has some pretty cool stuff for the photoshop dabbler.

With regards to our readings for this week, several of my classmates have made some insightful comments; I specifically commented on David‘s blog regarding the translation of the visual to the textual for the sake of accessible information for an inclusive audience.


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